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Review Policy

Review Policy JODE

Following procedures are followed by Journal of Online and Distance Education.
• All the submissions are initially screened (Desktop review) for suitability of publication in Journal of Online and Distance Education (JODE).
• Selected articles are sent for two national and one international review.
• Review suggestions are communicated to authors and asked for resubmission of manuscript with incorporated suggested changes within stipulated the journal
• Articles are rejected on the suggestion of reviewers, lacking originality, novelty and beyond the scope of the journal.
• Reviewing process may take longer time as it depends on reviewers’ reports.

Selection of Reviewers
Journal have consent of experts of the area who are qualified and experienced. JODE discourage biased and nonconstructive review policies and reviewers’ work. Prior consent is taken on a consent form and review is also seek on a prescribed review form.

Originality of Manuscripts
Journal of Online and Distance Education accepts and considers following manuscripts:
• Original
• Novelty of research
• Signing of understanding is required that material of the article is not copied and neither it is submitted or under consideration for publication elsewhere
• Author(s) is/are sole responsible for the copied content in the article if any
• Articles will be considered for publishing after considering similarity report and similarity should be 10%
• In case of any violation of policy rules, the managing editor reserves the rights to take legal actions accordingly.